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Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning Your Wedding - 12 Months

  • If you haven't already done so - announce your engagement.
  • Choose an engagement ring - read our tips on rings before you go, you may wish to consider buying the engagement ring and the wedding rings at the same time, a matching pair.
  • Fix a date and time for the wedding.
  • Discuss Budget! Include anyone who is helping with the cost.
  • Decide on style and theme for your wedding, will it be formal or informal?
  • Start collecting ideas, look at magazines and Pinterest. Make a secret pinterest board that only you and your chosen few can see, after all you want a few surprises in store for your guests on your wedding day.
  • Where will you get married? Where will you hold the reception? Start looking at venues.
  • Download WeddingQuotes2U wedding planning venue checklist.
  • Choose a wedding officiant to marry you and apply for the necessary licences.

Planning Your Wedding 11 Months

  • Get FREE quotes to help with your wedding planning.
  • Book them! It is surprising how soon the best suppliers get booked up.
  • Choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowergirls,pages and witnesses.
  • Compile a guest list.
  • Send out a "Save the Date" message, consider emailing and giving yourself a little time to choose the right theme for your Save the Date cards, Invitations and other stationery.
  • Start planning your honeymoon!

 Planning Your Wedding 6 - 9 Months

  • Finalise the colour, theme and style for your wedding.
  • Choose and order your wedding rings.
  • Order your wedding stationery.
  • Talk to your chosen wedding entertainers and decide on the reception music. Ceremony too if you are asking the suppliers to provide that.
  • Get wedding dress quotes and make appointments with wedding dress suppliers and choose your dress if you have been able to wait this long!
  • Check out our wedding planning guide for hints and tips on Choosing a wedding dress and accessories.
  • Search for the perfect shoes, veil and accessories for your outfit
  • Send the groom off to the outfitters, whether hiring or buying,with his groomsmen.
  • Arrange a date for your bridesmaids/ maid of honour and flowergirls to choose their dresses.
  • Create gift lists or choose to have honeymoon donations.
  • Visit the florist to choose your wedding flowers.
  • Check out Wedding Quotes 2 U hints and tips on Flowers for your wedding and take our wedding to do list along with you.
  • Book the chosen wedding car hire provider for the wedding.
  • Arrange accommodation for out of town guests and make a block booking for them.
  • Order the wedding cake.
  • Speak to your decorations and favours suppliers and order.

Planning Your Wedding 3 Months

  • Make initial appointment with your hairdresser.
  • Check out our wedding planning tips for Hairdressing and Make-up.
  • Check on ring progress if you have ordered a bespoke design.
  • Arrange to have a further fitting for your wedding dress.
  • Finalise the guest list.
  • Send out your invitations.
  • Discuss details of the ceremony with the officiant.
  • Write your vows and search for readings, poems etc for the ceremony.
  • Choose and invite the guests who you would like to do the readings, poems for you. Make sure they are happy and confident to do this for you.
  • Purchase gifts for attendants and parents.
  • Arrange for the groom, groomsmen and other male members of the wedding party to have fittings for their outfits.

Planning Your Wedding 2 Months

  • When planning your wedding, get your chief bridesmaid and best man together with your and go through the wedding to do list to check everything and agree how you want your wedding planning to proceed and start delegating.
  • Finalise all details with your wedding suppliers and get all those details in writing.
  • Have the first hair and make-up trials.
  • Finalise and purchase all your wedding favours.
  • Finalise your music selections for both the ceremony and the reception.
  • If you wish to change your name you need to complete the appropriate documents and send them off.
  • Consider where you are going to spend your wedding night and if you are not staying at the reception venue make any necessary bookingsTreat yourself to some extravagant lingerie, or hint to your groom to do so!
  • Meet with the officiant or celebrant to finalise arrangements and details for the ceremony. Send a written copy confirming your discussions, together with a copy of your vows, and any readings . Check in what format they need your ceremony music

Planning Your Wedding 1 Month

  • Make an appointment for the final fitting for your wedding dress, take your shoes along, veil and tiara.
  • Make sure that all the bridesdmaids, flowergirls and pages have had their final fitting.
  • Check on those few guests who have not replied so that you can give final numbers to venue or caterers.
  • Work out your seating plan - often a surprisingly difficult job when planning your wedding so give yourselves plenty of time!
  • Collect your marriage licence. Give your chosen wedding photographer a list of any 'must have' shots.
  • Speak to the videophotographer and photo booth supplier to discuss your requirements.
  • Confirm all final payments with the suppliers and arrange for the payments to be made, probably by the bestman , after the event.
  • Make an appointment with your beautician for a trial spray tan.

Planning Your Wedding 2 Weeks

  • Confirm seating plan and create chart.
  • Create placenames.
  • Collect wedding gown and all accessories.
  • Walk in your shoes. scuff them underneath so that you will not slip down the aisle, and ease them in, so they are comfy. If they are a little tight wear them with a thick pair of socks for an evening or two in front of the television.
  • Make an appointment for you and your groom to have a hair trim this week.
  • Make sure the men in the wedding party have their outfits.
  • Make sure the bridesmaids have their dresses and accessories.
  • Work out a detailed plan of the day and delegate certain tasks to the wedding party. Make sure that everyone is clear on everything that is supposed to happen and who is making it happen.Give them their duties in writing.

Planning Your Wedding 1 Week

  • Reconfirm with all your wedding suppliers.
  • Confirm with all the wedding party their journey to the ceremony and then to the reception.
  • Give final numbers to the venue/caterers.
  • Visit your beautician for a massage, facial, de-fuzz and follow up with a spray tan a couple of days later, about 2 days before the wedding.

 Planning Your Wedding 1 Day

  • Have your manicure and pedicure.
  • Pack your honeymoon case.
  • Treat yourself to a massage to relax you.
  • Speak to all the wedding party to make sure they know the drill or go to the rehearsal if you have arranged one.
  • Give your emergency kit to your chief bridesmaid to look after.
  • Wish your groom good luck.
  • Get to bed early.

The Big Day!!!

  • Have some breakfast even if you don't feel hungry, you will need the energy boost, it will be a long day!
  • Try to relax, enjoy your day!
  • Have your hair and make-up done. Wear a shirt or similar so that nothing needs to be pulled over your head after your hair and make-up is finished.
  • Begin to dress two hours before the ceremony starts.
  • Make sure the wedding photographer has time to get all the pre nup shots you want.



and afterwards...

If you and your groom are going straight off to your honeymoon, make sure you have left someone in charge to return hired goods, pay any last minute bills and make sure, gifts and everything of yours finds it way back to you.

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