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You look stunning, make-up immaculate, hair wonderfully styled; your gorgeous dress fits like a glove, exquisite bouquet in hand you know your man will be pacing impatiently at the ceremony venue, waiting to see his bride, so how are you going to get there? A classic or vintage be-ribboned wedding car, driven by a uniformed chauffeur, complete with cap, helping you into his luxury vehicle, is many a bride’s choice. And why not?

Classic Wedding Car Hire Indulging in these sumptuous surrounding are just what you need, a moment to relax and maybe have a special last few words before the wedding, with your Dad, or that someone who is going to ‘give you away.’ Then perhaps a red carpet for the grand entrance and photo shoot before going to meet your groom and get yourself married!

There are alternatives to wedding cars of course, perhaps you would prefer to arrive together on a bicycle made for two, going tandem could be an option, or what about a motorbike? It will depend on your dress for this type of transport and your hairdo! After all your preparations you don’t want to end up windblown and rumpled and of course, it might rain!

Classic Wedding Car Hire

A horse and buggy, or horse drawn hay cart, although wildly romantic could also have similar problems, but with a little forethought most of those problems could be overcome, and you could transport your bridesmaids too! Staying on the country theme, a tractor is a novel way for a bride to arrive. There are many forms of transport available if you have chosen a theme, the little yellow 2CV was perfect for the French Country Wedding. Hire a Batmobile replica or for Harry Potter fans, Ron Weasley’s Ford Anglia, now that will add magic to your big day!

Transport all the wedding guests back to the reception with a bright red London Bus. Great background colour for the photo shoot too. It gives you a chance to chat to your guests while you all make your way back to the reception venue.

For real extravagance what about a helicopter, watch the hairdo though and make sure there is sufficient space to land. For a beach wedding or close to water a speedboat, yacht or even a rowing boat, very romantic, could be your choice of wedding transport.

However, the ride from ceremony to venue is often one of the few moments when you can spend time with each other, a romantic moment together, joyfully celebrating your wonderful day. Many brides and grooms don’t get any time to themselves and maybe, if the venue is close by, you may want to ask the wedding car chauffeur to prolong the journey a little, taking in a block or two while, perhaps with a glass of champagne, you raise a toast to each other, the first time as man and wife.

Whatever you choose, make sure that your transport arrives a little earlier than necessary, firstly to stop you worrying and secondly to make sure there is no rush for the prenuptial photos.

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