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Wedding Cake

Tiered Wedding Cake


At the end of their first meal together as man and wife the couple cut the cake. What type of wedding cake will you choose? Where does this tradition come from? In AncientRome bread was traditionally broken over a brides head. Luckily this is no longer the method that is used! It now symbolises the start of their life together and the many activities they will share although at one time it was cut just by the bride to symbolise her loss of virginity. Some traditions include the bride and groom feeding each other a small piece of the wedding cake symbolising the agreement to provide for each other in their new life together.

Wedding Cake IdeasFor single guests it is said that taking a piece of the wedding cake home and sleeping with it under your pillow will make you dream of your future partner, that tradition may need a bit of thinking about before placing squidgy cake under your head. Charms were often placed in the wedding cake, they all had different meanings and were often tied to a piece of ribbon extending out of the icing so that guests could gentle remove them before the wedding cake was consumed, perhaps saving many a tooth or filling from disaster!

Wedding Cake Ideas

Will you choose a sponge or fruit cake or perhaps choose cheese, an option that is becoming more popular? Cut after the meal, but use in the evening, to satisfy peckish guests who will be far too full to enjoy either a sweet cake or cheese after a multiple course meal. The popularity of cupcakes is such, that many brides are opting for this choice, I am unsure of how the traditional cutting ceremony could be performed though! A croquembouche is a French confectionary, a magnificent pile of profiteroles decorated with spun sugar it looks and tastes stunning.

A simple, single cake can look just as wonderful as a high tiered confection. It is worth considering what you are going to do with all this cake if you don’t have enough mouths to feed. Tradition was often that the top tier was saved for the first child’s christening. Some couples like to share the top tier with friends and family on the first anniversary of their wedding.
Whatever you choose, choose whatever you like, it’s your wedding and you can make it as individual as you are.

So you can have your cake and eat it!

Words of caution:
A large tiered fruit cake is very heavy – make sure that you have somewhere strong enough to display it.
If you are using real flowers for the decoration, do just consider that some, for instance ivy, are poisonous!

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