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A Checklist To Take When You Go To Look At Venues - Stick To Your Budget!

Is the date available?

What is the cost of the room rental – is there a discount for less popular days of the week?

Can we hold the ceremony and reception her?

How many people can they accommodate?

What is the cost of food and beverage per person?

Is there an outside area, and if you wish to be outside for the majority of the time is there a contingency plan if the weather is against you?

Do we have to stick to in house suppliers or can we use our own suppliers of wedding cake, flowers, decorations, band or DJ etc?

If we use our own suppliers when can they have access to the room?

If you have a colour scheme will it work with the venue’s décor?

Are there any additional charges, for instance if you wish to bring in your own alcohol is there a corkage charge?

Is there plenty of parking for guests and is it free.If either question is answered with a no, what contingency plans are there?

Is there accommodation available at the venue or close by for the wedding party and guests?

If accommodation is unavailable is there a private room that the bride, groom or members of the wedding party can use and somewhere secure for any gifts?

Can they cater for children and is there a discount for their food?

Are there adequate toilet facilities

Is there a cloakroom and will it be staffed – a must for winter weddings

Finally, how are payments to be made, deposit and balance. Also is there a cancellation policy?

Make sure that you get all the details you have agreed in writing. Don't leave anything to chance. Al little more time spent now is well worth the effort. If it is the venue you really want but is a little above your budget, see if you can strike a deal - there's no harm in asking!

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