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Wedding Ring

Bespoke Wedding Ring


A band of gold to show the world that you are married, the circle an expression of eternity, a never ending and immortal love. The giving of a ring at the time of marriage was evident in ancient Egypt and continues in many but not all cultures.

The 3rd finger left hand is where the ring is placed by the groom in traditional British weddings. Often it is the bestman’s most important job, caring for the ring until needed in the ceremony when he hands it to the groom. Some couples prefer to give the job of ‘ring bearer’ to someone else within the wedding party, sometimes a page boy who will present the ring or rings on a cushion, prayer book or similar.

The Vena Amoris, the Vein of Love was said to start in the ring finger and travel through the body to the heart. In times past the ring was a sign of wealth and a contract between two families when a marriage united them. In the 17th and 18th centuries the ring was often part of a family inheritance and would therefore not necessarily be the right size for the bride’s ring finger and could be worn on any finger, whichever was the best fit, including the thumb.

Today, there is a great choice of rings, many brides choosing to have a more elaborate design rather than a plain gold band. Often the engagement ring and the wedding ring will be chosen together, to complement each other, perhaps interlocking. Many brides will have a very definite idea of what they would like and decide to have their ring made especially for them, with of course a matching ring for their husband to be.

So for something a little different a bespoke ring can be made.

In times past the rings would often be engraved with a love poem and engraving is still popular with perhaps names and dates on the inside of the band.

A plain gold band does not have to be expensive but obviously the price rises quickly with the addition of diamonds or other precious stones. Your dress, flowers, shoes are just for a day but your wedding ring is forever, take a little extra time to decide.


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