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A professional beautician can enhance your natural looks and if there is ever a day to look drop dead gorgeous, it has to be your wedding day.

Wedding MakupSo go and see your beautician well in advance of the wedding. Your skin needs some time to reach its peak and it’s a good idea to review your skin care routine. Good idea to quit smoking too, nothing dulls a complexion and hair like cigarettes, spend the money on looking stunning instead of nicotine!

Visit your beautician and discuss the ‘look’ you want to achieve. Try it out. Don’t have your make-up too pale, the photographs will look much better with a little extra blusher on your cheek bones. The camera tones down the colours.

Your skin needs to be really well cleansed before you apply your make-up then a primer and concealer, if used, should be applied before the foundation. Foundation should always be applied with a sponge or a brush. It should be stippled on and not drawn over the skin, especially not with fingertips. This will give a more natural, smooth finish.
Smile when your blusher is applied, your smile will indicate where the blusher should go.

Your eyebrows frame your face, use a brow pencil that is a shade lighter than your own brows. Eye shadow should be darker on the outside of your eye and a little shimmer powder on the inner corners will make your eyes appear bright and alert.

Ask your beautician about false eyelashes which can add so much drama. A full strip or individual lashes. When applying they should follow eyelash curling and mascara, then the false lashes and when the glue has dried, a final curling and mascara.

Retouching The Brides MakeupIf you are going to be very emotional and possibly reduced to tears make certain that you are wearing waterproof mascara. Pass on this tip to you’re your mother as well as the grooms mother. You won’t want any panda eyes ruining the photos!

Make sure you entrust someone to bring along your lipstick to the wedding so that you can re-apply from time to time and keep looking your best. Have some oil absorbing sheets tucked away with them too, so that you can blot any shine from your face if it appears.

As mentioned in the hair style tips, don’t go too far away from your usual look and style, enhance; no drastic changes, make sure that man you are marrying knows it is you signing the register with him.

Apart from make-up ask your professional about spray tans, white skin in a white dress can look very washed out. A professional tan will give you a healthy looking glow and is well worth considering. De fuzz
Get too sleep early the night before your wedding. Relax take time out for yourself, you want to look your absolute best and a late night, especially one with alcohol, will leave your skin dehydrated and looking drawn.

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