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Choosing A Wedding Florist and Wedding Flower Ideas

Bridesmaids BouquetsIf you search the internet for images of bridal bouquets you will be inundated with ideas. So how do you choose for your own special day?

Firstly set a budget. Know what you can afford before you speak to your wedding florist. Flowers will transform your wedding but they are not cheap. However, flowers that are in season or are grown locally will be much less expensive. Also think about foliage. Ferny leaves and greenery will add bulk to displays without adding large cost.

A clever wedding florist can create wonderful attendants bouquets just by using foliage! Ribbons and lace can be added too and may be far more cost effective than larger quantities of flowers and can add to the romance of the bouquets and arrangements. There may be a little piece of lace with sentimental value which can be woven between the flowers in the bouquet. Victorian society had a language of flowers you may wish to include a flower to send a message of love. Royal brides always have a sprig of myrtle in their wedding bouquets, that might be a tradition you would like to adopt.

Professional Wedding Florist BouquetStart with your wedding bouquet, this is the most important floral decoration and will appear in most of the photographs. Consider the colours and when speaking to your wedding florist. Go armed with plenty of photos of designs and colours you like. Don’t be too rigid, asking for a replica of a picture will be very difficult to achieve . Take your wedding florist's advice, they are the experts and will guide you in these important decisions. For instance if you are keen to use a particular flower, your wedding florist may advise you that they are not suitable, or for instance be too prone to wilting. Also you want something unique and designed just for your wedding, so be flexible and let your wedding florist artist create especially for you.

It is a lovely idea to include some scented flowers in the bridal bouquet in particular, however, not too overpowering a scent. Think of adding freesias, lavender , rosemary sprigs, dianthus and of course roses. Also the wedding flowers at the reception, if too strong and sickly will not add to the ambiance but could cause allergy, you don’t want guests sneezing through the ceremony and wedding breakfast!

When considering bridesmaids bouquets, trying to match the colours of the flowers to the dresses is not a good idea, as on the day the flowers available may vary slightly in hue. They are a natural product and cannot be reliably colour matched. Go for a contrast, the flowers will look much better in the photographs if they are a complimentary colour rather than fading into the fabric.

Flowers in your hair add a lovely romantic touch and can be worn with or without a veil. A few flowers pinned into your bridesmaids hair is pretty and adds to the overalleffect. Flowers in flowergirls hair are adorable, perhaps obligatory!

Your grooms buttonhole must compliment your flowers or those of the wedding party. Smaller similar buttonholes are traditionally given to the groomsmen and fathers of the bride and groom. It is a lovely idea to honour a special male guest with a buttonhole matching the wedding party.

Grooms ButtonholeCheck with the ladies before ordering corsages from your wedding florist. A wrist corsage may be more appropriate to a pinned corsage if the fabric of the outfit is fragile. Colours are usually chosen to compliment the wearers gowns, rather than the brides and her attendants. If costume jewellery is worn to compliment an outfit, often a corsage will be superfluous, so best to ask first.
If you are having lots of flowers in the church, you may be able to use some of these at the reception. Don’t denude the church completely though, the congregation will be delighted to share some with you. Check with the church in advance.

Not using a wedding florist?

If you are on a strict budget and want to do wedding flowers at the venue yourselves, do think about timing. The flowers will be much better if they have been conditioned for a day or so beforehand. Get a talented friend to do them for you, you don’t want to be hot, sticky and exhausted on the day having spent all morning doing the flowers and it is surprising how long arranging a number of decorations will take. Also think, it may be false economy, your wedding florist is buying the flowers at wholesale rates and will have the necessary vases, containers and a professional wedding florsit will take away all the pressure from you so you are relaxed and able to enjoy every moment.

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