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Some people can make speeches at a drop of a hat and they are amusing, entertaining and yet sympathetic to the moment. If you are not one of them, and not many of us are, think of your speech well in advance of the day.

Don’t be so nervous it takes away some of the joy of your wedding day. Remember everyone there is a good friend. Don’t try and be funny unless it comes very naturally, nothing worse than jokes that dies a death on delivery. Write it out before hand and practice it, but don’t read it out, use some cue cards to jog your memory. Say it out loud over and over until you are completely familiar and confident with it but continue to use your cue cards.

On your wedding day make eye contact with your audience and if still nervous take support from your beautiful new wife. Make sure that your best man has read this before making his speech and remind him that riotous tales of bachelor days are often inappropriate, embarrassing to your bride and families and not very interesting to those that were not there at the time. Hopefully though you have chosen the right best man who will deliver a fantastic speech and be truly supportive before, during and after your wedding

The Groom



The Gorgeous Groom – And His Merry Men

Scottish GroomswearIt isn’t all about the bride, although she does take centre stage, but the show won’t go on without her handsome groom. So what is the dashing groom of today wearing?

Still the majority of grooms rent their outfits; certainly it’s the option for a formal wedding in morning suit, the tail coat with the traditional striped trousers, complete with a top hat. But many wedding are less formal.

A British styled suit can be either single or double breasted, the single breasted is more flattering for shorter grooms . If a double breasted jacket is chosen it needs to remain buttoned, at least for the photographs, otherwise it hangs badly, whereas at an informal wedding the single breasted jacket can be left unbuttoned.

American style is much looser and baggy with softer more open fabrics and is definitely more informal.

For a sophisticated style an Italian suit, which is slim cut and made to hug the body looks really trendy. The shorter jacket length is structured and compact.

Scottish GroomswearOf course, for a Scottish wedding there is nothing more romantic than a kilt. The group photographs at a Scottish wedding are really spectacular, a ready-made theme for the bride.

Whichever you choose, make sure that you are properly measured by the tailor and if you have been losing weight get a final fitting at the same time as the bride goes for hers.A waistcoat or vest is very stylish and can add an additional element of colour. If you are wearing a vest in the summer make sure it has a full back, you are going to want to take your jacket off at some stage.

Talking of colour … what colour will you choose for your suit?

Black is not for weddings and it’s great to have something that doesn’t look as if you should be in the boardroom. Go for something a little different, toning in with the bridesmaids dresses and have some really cool accessories. Or choose a white suit to compliment your bride and add a pastel toned vest.

The Grooms in Kilts Ties, bows or cravats all look great, the cravat with a tie pin to co-ordinate with your cufflinks and some of the brides accessories. Choose socks in a complimentary colour and follow the advice we gave the bride, choose shoes that are comfortable as well as stylish. ‘Wear them in’ before the wedding, watching the television with them on and make sure you scuff up the bottom of the leather soles to take away the slipperiness, this will save you making an embarrassing entrance, on your back.

As for your hair, you won’t be needing an ‘up do’, but visit you hairdresser at least two weeks before the wedding and have your regular style. If you are thinking of changing the style before your wedding, do so well in advance. Drastic changes the day before are not a good idea.

Make sure your groomsmen order their outfits well in advance. Get your bestman to help get them organised, especially on the wedding day. He is there to help, not just arrange the stag do. Talking of stag do’s, this is another thing to take place well in advance of the wedding. It’s your big day, you do not want it spoilt by a massive hangover. A friend’s groom had his stag abroad just before the wedding. Alcohol took a part and he ended up in jail on his wedding day. His bride continued with the reception as it was all paid for and all the guests were there. Not the happy day it should have been! Also get to bed at a reasonable time on the day before the wedding. It will be a long tiring day and you don’t want all the photographs showing black shadows under your eyes.


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