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 A Veil?

Wedding Veil

Traditionally worn to ward off evil spirits these days the choice is yours. Consider the dress; will a veil add to the romance and glamour? If the dress is all about the detail in the back the answer is possibly no. If the dress is simple it will look great with an elaborate veil, if the dress is elaborate then choose a simple veil.

Veils come in a variety of lengths:-

Visor – a veil just to chin length, very chic

Shoulder length – 50cms - good for dresses with low back detail or for more informal weddings

Elbow length – 60cms – works well with ballgowns as it stops before the dress flares

Waist length – 75cms – this length suits most dress styles

Fingertips – this is the most popular length, very romantic

Floor length -180cms – suits a dress without a train a Chapel or Cathedral veil, the really long veils, need a dress with a train.

Width of veils also varies and they come in different numbers of tiers. If you have a fuller figure don’t go for too much fabric. If you want a ‘blusher’ the short veil that hides the brides face at the start of the ceremony, make sure it is not too long. Under 30 cms so that it doesn’t tangle up in your bouquet.

An ‘up do’ hairstyle is needed to hold the longer, heavier veils in place and with short hair the veil will need to be attached at the front of the head. If you are marrying in a hot climate you may find a large voluminous veil hot and clingy and on a windy site it may just be a nuisance blowing about around you and just an annoying extra.

The veil can be secured with comb, pins, tiara or head band. When choosing the veil and the hair accessories, as with the dress get pictures from all angles. Where you wear your veil and/or hair accessories will alter the appearance, try it in different positions. High on your head will be more dramatic.

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Wedding Dresses and Bridal Wear

Here comes the bride – choosing a wedding gown

Wedding DressesWow! Big decision! Most bridal boutiques require appointments and you want the stylist’s undivided attention. Often a good time to go and look at wedding dresses is the first appointment of the morning when everyone is fresh and you will have the shop to yourself. Take note of what the assistants say when looking for wedding dress quotes, they have the experience of many brides and know what would look good on your shape.

Don’t go mob handed with mums, bridesmaids and friends. One or two trusted advisors, who will give honest feedback, is enough.
Firstly decide on the silhouette of the wedding dress. Don’t go straight into the detail, once you have the best shape for your figure, you can then hone in on the trim and decorations.

  • Ballgown – this dress has underskirts or even a built in crinoline to give the dress a very full skirt. It suits most figures, although could be overpowering if the bride is petite. They are often heavy as they require a great deal of fabric. Consider if you will feel comfortable until the early hours of the morning on your wedding day if the dress you choose is a heavy ballgown.
  • A Line – This shape also suits most figures, it is less weighty than a ballgown. The dress has a fitted bodice and then flares gently at the waist. If you are not proud of your thighs this could be the one for you.
  • Sheath – For brides with slim figures. This dress hugs every curve and won’t hide any flaws. Can kick out at the knee into a full skirt which is known as a fish tail, very sexy.
  • Empire Line – this dress falls from just under the bust. Excellent for light fabrics if you are considering an overseas wedding in hot climates. Also good for a pregnant bride as it takes emphasis away from the tummy and the looser shape is more comfortable.

Don’t be too keen to go for the latest trend in wedding dresses which will soon date the photos - find your timeless all time wedding dress.

Take your camera along too. Ask the assistants permission first though, a few wedding dress shops will not allow photos. Take pictures of the wedding dresses from all angles, with you in them of course, you will be on view all round on your wedding day and the wedding photos will also pick up on the different angles. You want to look good from all sides! It is also good to see how the fabric of the wedding dress will look in photos. You will also have a record of your choices that you can spend a little time pondering over at home when comparing wedding dress quotes.

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Don’t rush into it, this has to be ‘the’ dress!

Think about the venue and the time of year the wedding will take place. You won’t want a heavy ballgown on a hot summer’s day on the beach and on the other hand, you will not want to have goose bumps on your bare arms, if you have planned your wedding for the winter.

Consider the colour of the wedding dress against your skin tone. You don’t have to wear white, or cream, there are other options.

Move around in your dress, don’t just stand in front of the mirror sucking in your tummy. You will want to be able to move around freely and dance! If you are opting for a strapless dress make sure you feel confident in it. You do not want to spend your time hitching up the bodice all day. Try sitting down too.
Once you have the perfect wedding dress you need to find the perfect accessories to compliment it.

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Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

Before anything else they have to be comfortable. You will be walking and dancing in them for many hours and if they pinch it will show in your face. If you are not used to a high heel ,either opt for your usual height heel or before the wedding practice walking in that type of shoe. You may wish to consider a second pair of wedding shoes for later in the day, if you do go for pumps or similar for the evening, make sureyour wedding dress length isn’t too long after your high heels.
The shoe colour can match the wedding dress, many shops offer a dyeing service or you may wish to go for silver or gold shoes. If your wedding dress has crystals and you want your shoes to be embellished then make sure the crystals match, if the dress has pearls….
If the wedding is going to take place on a beach with sand or pebbles consider the heels. The same too if you are going to be on grass, high heels are prone to sink in soft turf.

Finally, if your groom is of similar height to you make sure your heels don’t dwarf him!

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