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Pretty maids all in a row – choosing the bridesmaids dresses

BridesmaidsHaving chosen your best friends or close relatives to be your wedding attendants you want to make sure that their clothing fits your theme and colours and looks good and flatters each one of them. Choosing the dresses can become a controversial issue! The bridesmaids want to look gorgeous too. So get together and include the girls in your decision.
Who pays for the dresses? If the bridesmaids are paying, then you must consider their budget. Presuming that they can wear the dress again at other events, is probably never going to happen. If that has to be an option consider a formal colour, black, navy or mocha rather than bright primary or pastel colours.
Varying skin tones means that some of the girls will look good in a chosen colour, while another may look washed out and under the weather. One option would be to go with a colour but vary the shades and tones. This can be picked up in the accessories and the flowers, to bring everything together in a co-ordinated whole.

As with choosing your wedding dress, consider the silhouettes of the girls. Unless the girls are exactly the same shape, which they won’t be, then style and cut of the dresses will not necessarily suit them all. An option to counter this is to choose the colour and then let the girls choose their own style.

It’s the same with shoes. The bridesmaids will be on their feet all day and dancing into the night and will want their shoes to be comfortable as well as stylish. Consider different styles but dyed to match their dresses, or different styles in either silver or gold.

Their hair styles can be co-ordinated with each other and with you, the beautiful bride, by your chosen accessories rather than insisting on them all having the same hair-do, which of course may be impossible with differing lengths of hair.

So stick to your theme and colours but with an open mind and ask your attendants to do the same and you will all enjoy a happy and harmonious day.

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