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Maximise your sales from Weddingquotes2U enquiries

Weddingquotes2u provides you with the name and contact details of a person (usually the bride-to-be), who is getting married (or organising a wedding). 

They have specifically requested quotes for the services YOU provide.

Unfortunately it is beyond the current scope Weddingquotes2u to provide you with details of the budget involved, or the size of the wedding and other specific requirements. 

But THEY ARE GOING TO CHOOSE SOMEONE: You need to make sure it's YOU!!!

So, here are some tips to increase your chances of being the service chosen:

  • CALL THEM: If they give a telephone number, they are expecting to hear from you!  Give them a polite call, and enquire about the sort of service they are looking for - THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO GET FULL INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR REQUIREMENTS!  Then send them an e-mail with a quote.
  • E-MAIL: If you cant call them, send them an e-mail giving an indication of your prices.  Also include a brief description of the services you offer.  Again, this is your chance to find out more about their requirements.
  • WEBSITE LINK: Include a link to your website in your e-mail: people like to find out more about you before making a commitment.
  • YOUR WEBSITE: Make sure your website works well and is well designed.  Many people lose business due to a poorly designed website.  People will form an impression about your services from your website.
  • FOLLOW UP:  If you don't hear from people, give them a courtesy call, or e-mail to ask if they need any further information to help their decision.  
  • BE PROMPT with your responses - this will show your potential client that you are interested in their business.

Remember that people getting married will often have read several magazines and visited several wedding websites in their search for the right supplier.

Its up to you to make sure they realise that its YOU that they need to hire!

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