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Supplier FAQs

What if Weddingquotes2u doesn't supply enough enquiries in a particular month?
Your balance will be carried forward to the next month. This tends to work well: for example, December tends to be a slow month, while January is usually very busy - the credits you didn't use in December will almost certainly be used up in January.

Can I ask for a refund for unused credits?
Yes - You can, at any time request a refund on your unused credits. There is a 5 credit "service charge" for this and we will refund 75 pence per credit left on your balance after we have subtracted the 5 credit charge. We may however, at our discretion, as a goodwill gesture, decide to refund the full amount of any credits purchased in the last 28 days. This offer is not available on credits older than 28 days.

Why have I not received any quote requests in the last while?
Various factors influence this, and the request coming through tend to be cyclical. It is not an exact science, but here are some possible reasons:-

  • The number of counties you are registered in - we typically get 3-5 quote requests from each county, for a particular service, each month. So, if you are registered for only a few counties, it might be quite a few days between requests. Obviously, counties with large cities in them tend to get more requests.
  • Local factors, sporting events, weather - It may sound strange, but we have found that in times of good weather, and major TV events the use of our site decreases. For example, on the weekend of 7/7/2007 there was the "live earth" concert, Wimbledon finals, the British grand prix and generally good weather: we had 20% of our usual traffic that weekend!
  • Time of year - We have noted that some times of the year are busier than others. For example traffic on the site decreases in December, but then really peaks in January! The weeks after Valentine's day are also a peak period.
  • Do you have credits in your account, and/ or is your account paused? You can pause your account, so that you wont be sent requests if its not convenient for you to respond (for example if you are away on holiday).
  • Have you selected the years for which you want to receive enquiries?

I've just received a phoney request - will I get a refund?
Yes: We constantly monitor the quote requests coming through for false requests and delete the ones we have doubts about.
If you suspect a quote as being fake, please tell us about it via the "contact us" page.

Can I pause quote requests (e.g. while I'm away?)
Yes you can - just log into your account, and click the link at the bottom of the page of your "user control panel". Just dont forget to turn them back on when you return, as your subscription (if you have one) will continue.

If I've missed quote requests, can I get them later, when I have credit in my account?
Yes - you can log into your account and view your most recent 25 quote requests. We are unable to supply details of your quote requests other than the last 25.

Could you make telephone numbers compulsory for people using the service?
We're often asked about this, but there are 2 reasons we don't make it obligatory:
First, we've found that if we do make it obligatory, the number of quote requests we get drops significantly - sometimes people just don't want to give out their numbers. And, second, if people don't want to give their number they just give a false one, so this really doesn't help either!


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