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General FAQ:

How does Weddingquotes2u work?



If you're planning a wedding, you can request wedding quotes for wedding services, by geographical area.

We will send your quote request  to suppliers who offer the services you require. 

They then submit their quotes direct to you, via e-mail.

How long will it take for the quotes to arrive?

This depends on how long it takes the suppliers to reply, but it will typically take a day or two.

How many quotes will I receive?

This depends on the type of wedding service you have requested: 

Firstly, for services where the service can come to you (e.g. car & carriage hire) we try to provide you with around 5 quotes.  But, for services which can't move to you (e.g. a wedding venue, or bridal shop) we will try to provide you with more quotes, because we realise you might not want to travel to the other side of your county for a particular service.

Secondly, because some services can get "booked up" (e.g. wedding florists, wedding photography)  we will send your request to more than just 5 such suppliers, to ensure that you have a helpful number of replies.

Can I use your service more than once?


Does weddingquotes2u endorse the suppliers registered with them?

No - we simply provide the service of transmitting the quotes requests.  Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information on this. 

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